AW21 Couture collection presentation at the Kraemer Gallery

On Wednesday 27 October 2021, The Ethiquette presented its new Autumn/Winter 2021 Couture collection at a cocktail party at the Galerie Kraemer, an iconic Parisian art gallery specialising in 18th century furniture and art objects.

At this meeting between art and fashion, The Ethiquette unveiled its new Couture collection called "Phoenix and Dragon". According to Chinese mythology, the Phoenix and the dragon represent perfect balance. One symbolises splendour, rebirth and femininity and the other power and might.

Through this collection, The Ethiquette expresses a spectacular harmony and beauty combining scales, feathers and fire, surrounded by magnificent furniture from the Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI periods, chinoiseries and a mix of modern and contemporary paintings by great artists such as Pierre Soulages, Fernand Leger, Hans Hartung and many others.