Eco-responsibility and "home-made": the art of living in 2021

For several years now, an eco-responsible awareness has made itself felt, both in consumption and in everyone's daily habits.

In 2020, the pandemic that affected the entire world and which continues to impact it in 2021 has allowed the development of a new art of living. Indeed, during the first confinement, the fact of having to stay at home, the closing of shops and restaurants or even product shortages have shown that one is never better served than by oneself, which has brought "home made" back into fashion.

It then became essential to review one's own consumption patterns, and everyone at his or her own level felt the need to take action, which created new activities based around respect for the environment.

Today, this eco-responsible shift continues and makes us rethink our way of life by accompanying us on a daily basis.


Eco-responsible activities to do at home: 

Cleaning and cosmetic products

To rethink the way you consume, you can make them yourself to avoid packaging and compositions that do not respect the body and the environment. Household products such as washing powder and soap can be made at home, as can cosmetics, masks and hair and skin care products.

Grandmothers' recipes are the solution that, in addition to being eco-responsible, is good for the wallet.

To find out how to do your own homemade laundry, go here: https: //

If you want to make your own soap, you can find everything here: https: //

The recipe for homemade cosmetics: https: //


The jewels

There is also a new trend of making your own jewellery, with what you have. For example, wood can be used to make bracelets or rings, seashells and beads make very pretty necklaces, and woollen threads can be tied around the wrist to add a colourful touch.

Some ideas for do-it-yourself jewelry: https: //,2615484.htm


The decoration

It is possible to customize your interior while continuing to be part of an eco-responsible lifestyle. Indeed, it is very easy to make your own candles. In addition to being able to make a decorative object by the shape and color chosen, add a touch of essential oils to have a scented candle whose scent will embalm your home. 

Everything you need to know about homemade candles: https: //


The gardening

Gardening is simply gardening, the act of growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs. In addition to avoiding packaging, it's economical and ecological, as much by the method of growing seasonal produce, and therefore without chemicals, as by reducing transport and therefore CO2 emissions. It is also better than industrial products, which are often not 100% organic. Even in an apartment it is possible to grow a few shoots in a tray on the windowsill!

To find out about seasonal fruit and vegetables, visit greenpeace .fr



There are many associations to which it is possible to join and participate. In addition to being a place for sharing and meetings, a multitude are committed to the environment. There is something for everyone!


Rental and resale of clothing

In the continuity of a responsible way of life and with the rise of second-hand clothing, many have started to sort through their closets and have chosen to resell their excess clothing. There are several platforms for the resale and purchase of second-hand clothing, including Vinted, Vestiaire Collective and Videdressing.

There is also the alternative of renting, which is just as interesting. Indeed, following an eco-responsible and slow fashion approach, renting makes it possible to have clothes over a defined period of time, while preventing overconsumption.