The Ethiquette's social commitment

The Ethiquette house is based on four main values which are rarity, excellence, eco-responsibility and community. These values are found in every product created.

Indeed, all The Ethiquette products are entirely made from fabric scraps from other fashion houses. Moreover, the embroideries on the pieces come from real old Indian saris. 

Social commitment is one of the foundations of the company. As part of its eco-responsible approach, the profits from The Ethiquette are also used to support NGOs in India, such as The Pink Foundation.

The Pink Foundation helps women to be more independent in a country where their status is still too low. To help them improve their living conditions, education is offered to them so that they can develop their skills and missions are entrusted to them. enabling them to earn a salary. Even if the activities have been reduced because of Covid, the organization has still been able to continue to help the women thanks to donations, which they need to carry out their actions.

The house is not only committed to the planet but also socially. These are important aspects for The Ethiquette and they also commit all our customers since by buying our products, they participate in these different actions.

With The Ethiquette we want to bring together an elegant, refined and equally committed community to continue helping various NGOs.


Pink Foundation The EthiquetteWomen at The Pink Foundation