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The house

The Ethiquette

Our story

For 4 years, in the heart of Paris, where fashion meets history and innovation, a young Parisian, Elena Feit, has been dedicated to imagining the perfect union between ethics and elegance, offering unique creations designed from fabric scraps and dormant stocks of Haute Couture. Each piece is a work of art, testifying to our commitment to a fashion that respects both the individual and the planet. Our creations are inspired by classics but revisited with a contemporary and glamorous twist. It is the fruit of a Parisian and responsible production, aimed at a feminine and cosmopolitan community that values style and eco-responsibility.

Revolutionizing Couture with Consciousness

We dream of a world where women are exalted, where each piece tells a unique story. Our House is therefore committed to revolutionizing couture by using an upcycling approach that enhances femininity while combating mass production and fast fashion. Together, through our innovative Ready-to-Couture concept, let's create a community of elegant, independent, and committed women, and make Couture more accessible.

Yes to fashion that lasts. Yes to wear the future.

Tired of fashion's uniformity and aware of its environmental impact, we wanted to offer a sustainable alternative without compromising on style. The Ethiquette was born from this desire to change the norms, to celebrate individuality, and to promote responsible yet desirable fashion. Our guiding principle is to make people want to dress up again by revolutionising the Couture House. Return to exclusivity and unique pieces thanks to our "upcycling" manufacturing process. sublimate woman and make them dream. Fighting big productions and fast fashion. Focus on product rarity and limited editions. Establishing the sharing economy with rental partnerships. Creating a community of elegant, independent, ambitious and environmentally conscious women. Make Couture affordable thanks to our Prêt-à-Couture concept.

Local production

The pieces are crafted and hand-finished in our workshops in Paris. We also produce made-to-order pieces to limit stock.

A circular economy

Based on overcoming obstacles. The collections are made from dormant haute couture stock, and fabrics from previous collections are reused to create future collections. Our labels are also reusable; simply plant them in the soil, and they will transform into flowers.

Sustainable consumption

Thanks to our partnerships with rental platforms, production is reduced. This helps to participate less in overconsumption.

A social commitment

The Ethiquette donates a portion of its profits to an NGO working with women in India named: The Pink Foundation.

A New Art of Living, an Invitation to Dream

The French art of living, an endless source of inspiration for Elena, is reflected in each of her creations. Our events, organized in exceptional venues, are celebrations of elegance and Parisian charm, offering an immersive experience into our universe.To take home a piece from The Ethiquette is to embrace this art of living; it's to radiate a new way of proudly bearing the colors of the French Touch, and to become an ambassador of a refined and conscious lifestyle around the world.

A Woman Behind this Art of Living

Elena Feit, founder and artistic director. After working in the fashion industry and living in New York, London, and Shanghai, she decided to return to Paris, her hometown, to launch a new project: The Ethiquette. Passionate about circular economy and Couture, she wanted to prove that sustainability can be desirable. And if we have piqued your curiosity, we invite you to learn more about her through a revisited Proust questionnaire:

My favorite virtue: Boldness

The quality I prefer in others: Originality

My favorite flaw: Naivety

My favorite occupation: Feeding my eyes with beautiful things

My dream of happiness: Ibiza

What would be my greatest misfortune? A world without art and aesthetics

The person I would like to be: Elsa Schiaparelli

My favorite color: Black!

The flower I love: Hydrangea

The bird I prefer: Peacock

My favorite authors: Fitzgerald, Stephanie des Horts.

My heroes in fiction: Gatsby, Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette

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